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Sophisticated Ivory Tufted Lounge Seating

Stylish Velvet Seating 

1x Blush Pink     2x Fuchsia Pink

2x Blackberry    2x Black

LUXE (3).png

Sturdy Gold Plated Easel        Gold or Silver Table

LUXE (7).png
LUXE (8).png

Shiny Plated Stanchions
Pink, Black, White, Red Velvet Ropes

LUXE (4).png

Mini Champagne cart - Standing Buckets

Freestanding cart that holds 40+ champagne flutes & ice buckets.
(2) Gold / (1) Silver Plated Standing Champagne Buckets

LUXE (6).png
LUXE (5).png

30" Tabletop Birchwood Cocktail tables

includes 30" or 40" height columns (Quantity: 12)
includes black or ivory flowing tablecloths


Event Delivery Service

Delivery services for events / functions

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